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Safety lock is the power distribution system that permits safe handling of powerful electrical connections. This system offers a safeguard to industry and is also ideal for emergency power situations.

Designed for 600 volt, three phase, 200 amp & 400 amp service, the safety lock system uses single pin connectors-the power is controlled by a "first in/last out" ground safety feature and is difficult to improperly connect any power until the ground and neutral connections have been made. The ground and neutral connections also cannot be disconnected until all other power lines are disconnected. There is no easy way to bypass or tamper with this system.

Safety lock can be installed in stationary panel boards or used in the field. plugs can be mated and separated rapidly, which makes the system portable and efficient. It requires only standard tools for initial connections, and needs no special maintenance.

In the field this system is used with portable generators, arena and stadium sound devices, on-location filming. temporary sports lighting, dockside shipboard power, military operations, road and bridge construction, commercial construction. mining and oil drilling locations, and other similar permanent, temporary or emergency uses.

The safety lock system features machined aluminum shells with a corrosion resistant anodized finish. The standard size 3 1/2" x 19" input and output panels are ready to be rack mounted. The system can also be ordered in weather resistant configurations.

The connections have a large, self-wiping contact area and silver plated construction to control temperature rise typically associated with high current connections. Optional basket weave grips fit over the wires and relieve the strain on the plug assemblies so that tension cannot be transmitted to the connection.

Safety lock has been stress tested and proven reliable under severe conditions time and time again. it is designed to meet military specifications for grounded delta systems. The safety lock power distribution system is patent protected and UL listed.

Connectronics also designs and manufactures additional high current and high voltage solutions to suit every need. Please contact the factory if your needs go above and beyond the ordinary. Let connectronics design a custom solution for you.

  • UL listed and Patent Protected
  • 600 VDC Operating Voltage
  • Temperature Range -65°F to +150°F
  • Sea Level to 10,000 Ft. Operation
  • Field or Factory Assembled
  • 2/0 & 4/0 Cable
  • Minimal T-Rise
  • 200 & 400 AMP Versions
  • Pins & sockets designed for self-cleaning wiping action
Unit of Measure

Current Rating

N/A 200 Amp

Type of System

N/A Panel System

Number of Outlets

N/A One Line, One Ground, One Neutral Outlet.

Panel Style

N/A Panel Outlet (Sockets)

Panel Termination

Standard (Wire Barrel)

Voltage Rating- Operating

N/A 600 KVDC

Position of Ground Contact on Panel

N/A Left

Panel System

N/A Rain Tight


N/A Sea Level to 10000 ft.


N/A 2/0 (259/23) 0.419"ø Rope-stranded bare copper conductor, type W, CV curd, 0.820"ø over jacket.

Environmental Temp.

N/A -65 to +150 ° F

Material- Shell, Coupling Nut and Related Hardware

N/A Aluminum alloy 6061-T6 per QQ-A-225/8. Color coded anodized per MIL-A-8625.

Material - Plastic Hardware

N/A Polycarbonate Resin

Material - Cable Grommet

N/A Black EPDM Rubber

Material - Socket Contacts

N/A Leaded copper alloy C18700, silver plated per QQ-S-365.


N/A 13 Inch

N/A Power Distribution Systems for permanent, temporary or emergency field usage of high power generators by the entertainment, commercial construction, shipping, mining industries, and oil drilling as well as military operations.

N/A Rain tight panels are supplied with rubber panel gasket and threaded enviromental covers, with lanyard

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