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High Current Connectors

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FLC Series

Flash Lamp Series

"Connectronics" flash lamp connection series offers a low cost high current interconnection solution to applications where space, weight and temperature are a concern. The use of the "Multilam band" contact spring finger technology provides for higher current ratings with lower temperature rise than conventional contact designs. Contacts are available with silicone rubber over moldings attached to high voltage wire, providing a higher voltage barrier.

  • High Current Ratings
  • Operating Voltage: through 12 KVDC
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +175°C
  • Sea Level to 10,000 ft Operation
  • Overmolded Strain Relief available
  • 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm and 6mm options
  • Stackable or Threaded options
SFC Series

Safety Lock Series

Safety lock is the power distribution system that permits safe handling of powerful electrical connections. This system offers a safeguard to industry and is also ideal for emergency power situations.

Designed for 600 volt, three phase, 200 amp & 400 amp service, the safety lock system uses single pin connectors-the power is controlled by a "first in/last out" ground safety feature and is difficult to improperly connect any power until the ground and neutral connections have been made. The ground and neutral connections also cannot be disconnected until all other power lines are disconnected. There is no easy way to bypass or tamper with this system.

Safety lock can be installed in stationary panel boards or used in the ...

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