Outstanding Features
  • "SIL-KOAT" Insulation
  • High Temperature -55°C thru 200°C
  • High Voltage 1 KVDC thru 30 KVDC
  • 28 AWG thru 20 AWG conductors
  • High Flexibility
  • Silicone coating provides a bond ready jacket compatible with potting materials and adhesives
  • Small Diameter
  • Nomex Braid offered for abrasive applications
  • Reference: MIL-W-22759
  • Ozone and Corona Resistant
Wiremax High voltage Teflon insulated wires manufactured with FEP insulation offer the following:

Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) offers an excellent combination of properties that include: exceptional dielectric properties, a low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range, chemical inertness including transformer oils and dielectric fluids, heat resistance with retention of properties after service at 400° F (204° C), toughness, flexibility, possesses a very high degree of stress crack resistance, low coefficient of friction, low flammability, negligible moisture absorption, has long term weatherability and excellent resistance to ozone sunlight and weather. FEP offers the lowest refractive index of all thermoplastics with low light reflection (the same as water)
Unit of Measure



Wire Size

N/A 20 AWG

Conductor/Stranding Construction

N/A 19/32


N/A Violet

Primary Dia.

N/A .080 Inch

Primary O.D.

N/A 2.03 mm

Finished O.D.

N/A .090 Inch

Finished O.D.

N/A 2.29 mm


N/A Wiremax


Standard Construction. Special Constructions available upon request.


  • TWT's
  • Laser Systems
  • CRT Displays
  • Military and Space
  • Industrial and Medical
  • Power Supplies

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