Connectronics builds cable assemblies for xenon-ion propulsion thrusters onboard space-bound satellites, which require low out gassing materials, as well as the ability to operate in temperature extremes from -75°C to +200°C, while maintaining exceptional reliability over the lifespan of the satellite missions.
Unit of Measure


Operating Temperature

N/A -75 to +200 °C



  • Environmental test equipment, including altitude, humidity, thermal shock, and helium leak detection allow us to perform the necessary tests on our connectors to insure they will meet the demanding requirements of your application.
  • Connectronics has state of the art electrical test equipment that allows us to insure corona-free connector designs meet established requirements for guaranteed reliable operation and extended service life.
  • With over 300 combined years of experience in high voltage, stringent environment connector design and manufacturing, connectronics has the proven ability and track record to design reliable, corona-free interconnections for the most demanding applications. Consult Connectronics for your unique connector requirements.

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