Connectronics' line of in-line disconnects utilize the resilient properties of silicone rubber to provide an interlocking mechanism in a push/pull arrangement. The tapered interface excludes air from the critical area of the mating surfaces thus providing a superior corona free high voltage connection. These connectors are available preterminated to high voltage wire, or as field assembled kits.

  • Corona Free Tapered Interface
  • Operating Voltage: 30 thru 60 KVDC
  • Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°C
  • Sea Level to 70,000 ft. Operation
  • Shock and Vibration Proof Operation
  • Quick Disconnect / Push - Pull Mating
  • Field or Factory Assembled
Unit of Measure



Voltage Rating- DWV


Max. Current

N/A 14 Amp

Material- Pin Contacts

N/A Half hard brass per QQ-B-626, gold plated per MIL-G-45204

Material- Socket Contacts

N/A Meets applicable portions of MIL-C-39029

Material- Insulators

N/A Silicone rubber per ZZ-R-765 for applications where maximum fluid resistance is required, fluorosilicone molded noses are available. (machined) high performance plastic plug (male) insulators are available for special applications - consult factory for ad


N/A Wire (standard): No. 16 AWG tin plated copper, silicone insulated, No. 12 AWG tin plated copper, silicone insulated
(Optional): For AC or "Low Noise" applications a No. 16 AWG or No. 12 AWG silver plated copper conductor, followed by a se

Dim. "A"

N/A 2.09 Inch

Dia. "B"

N/A .625 Inch

Dia. "C"

N/A .149 Inch


N/A Sea level to 70000 ft.

Environmental Temp. (°C)

N/A -55 to +125

Mating Part No.

N/A 11165-XX 11171-XX


"L" Length dimensions are manufactured to specific needs at any desired length.

Plug assemblies and receptacles shown can be terminated as double ended assemblies as required to meet your Needs. Consult Connectronics for information on connectors for applications not satisifed by components listed.


Connectronics offers a complete line of high voltage wires for terminating to these connectors when supplied as "Kits". Consult factory for additional information.

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