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Connectronics "CMC-715" series connector assemblies utilize tapered interfaces to ensure corona free operation through altitude and temperature extremes. Size 20 contacts are designed to accept No. 16 AWG thru No. 24 AWG stranded wire. Connectors may be purchased as "KITS" or terminated by Connectronics, including straight and right angle overmolding. The "CMC-715" series seven conductor connectors offer multiple high voltage connections within a common shell. This concept offers maximum reliability at a low cost for the most demanding applications.

  • Corona Free Tapered Interface
  • 15 KVDC Operating Voltage
  • Temperature Range -55°C to +125°C
  • Sea Level to 70,000 ft. Operation
  • Field or Factory Assembled
  • Various Hardware Platings Available
  • Available in Stainless Steel
  • Threaded Coupling Available in Knurled or Hex Nut
  • Use with Shielded or Unshielded Cable
Unit of Measure

Contact Type

N/A Pin

Interface Keying

N/A Standard Keying


N/A Black Cadmium



Max. Current

N/A 7.5 Amp

Material- Pin Contacts

N/A Half hard brass per QQ-B-626, cold plated per MIL-G-45204

Material- Shell, Coupling Nut and Related Hardware

N/A Aluminum alloy 6061-T6 per QQ-A-225/14

Finish Specs and Options

N/A Black Cadmium Plated for QQ-P-416
Optional Stainless Steel Hardware- 300 series stainless steel per ASTM A582, passivated per QQ-P-35

Material- Insulators

N/A Silicone Rubber per ZZ-R-765

Wires (Optional)

N/A No. 16 AWG thru No. 24 AWG stranded, silicone or Teflon insulated, consult factory for additional information.


N/A Sea level to 70000 ft.

Environmental Temperature (°C)

N/A -55 to +125


  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • Radar
  • CRT Displays
  • Traveling Wave Tubes
  • Lasers
  • High Voltage Power Supplies
  • Medical Applications

N/A Stainless steel hardware is available upon request, consult factory for availability.
Connector "KITS" are supplied with insulators assembled (and bonded) into shell and contacts packaged separately with assembly instructions. Also available from Connectronics Corp. is a wide range of extruded silicone insulated and silicone coated teflon insulated wire designed for use with all connector assemblies listed. Please consult factory for additional information.

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